Any type of translation requires at least three skills – very good command of native language, knowledge of the subject matter and knowledge of the foreign language. We might think of other relevant skills, but these three are sine qua non, and they are listed based on the importance of proficiency in each of these skills.

Foreign language comes last because intermediate reading skills in the foreign language is enough to become a translator, but you will never be good enough without real proficiency in the subject matter and ultimately – your native language. Translations with language errors and fluency issues will never count as premium even if they are accurate. If you are not good enough in the subject matter, you might end up with accuracy issues and unnatural terminology. Insufficient knowledge of the foreign language may cause minor accuracy issues to occur, but proficiency with the subject matter may help to self-correct.

We all know how difficult it is to find translators with all three skills equally developed to the level of proficiency. That is why a triple review process is a safe solution to reach premium quality in every project.

Our Quality Management System is certified by the independent certification body of TÜV NORD Management Service GmbH in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. The scope of certification is translation, interpretation, localization, DTP, and linguistic consultancy.

The vast certification scope makes ILS one of the major players in the Russian market of language services. We guarantee high quality and accuracy of translation and the shortest turn-around time.

A team of experienced project managers takes care of communication and ensures compliance of the target product with industry standards and specific customer requirements. All PMs are also linguists – this streamlines general communication, follow-up, and post-production.

The knowledge is accumulated in-house and most of the value is generated in-house, in other words, ILS does not entirely depend on freelancers. This business model allows us to achieve faster response times, which adds to customer satisfaction, and also helps reduce costs.