Why localize a website?

Website localization services are demanded by corporate customers. For many companies the corporate website or a portal translated into several languages is a visit card that helps clients to get acquainted with the company. Thus it is a source of information which allows perspective customers to find necessary goods and services. And that is why poor quality website translation may impact sales and — even worse — severely damage business reputation of a company.

How websites are localized?

To produce a high-quality website localization it is necessary to understand two main things: how the Internet works and how the website localization is organized. Website translation requires collaboration between translators and other professionals because it implies not only translation of the text information but work with design elements as well.

The factor that has to be taken into account is the ease with which a website can be found by search engines. To create an English, German or French version of a website is not enough. It is necessary to create a network resource optimized for search requests in a given language. This will allow the target audience to find it. Besides this translation has to be made by a native speaker of this language.

It also makes sense to think about website maintenance. A long-term contract with a professional language service provider will allow you to reduce operation costs of website maintenance, guarantee high-quality of its content and open new directions for the development of your business.

Website localization by ILS

All the considerations mentioned above is the reason why companies wishing that their websites be represented abroad are attracted by our services and their high quality.

Example of Google, a globally known IT giant, is the best argument. ILS has been translating its websites into the Russian language and localizing its software since 2005.

Today we localize almost all the products produced by this company including Google AsWords, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Desktop and much more.

If you want your website content to be of the same high quality and your business to develop as dynamically as Google’s one then website localization services by ILS is your choice.