ILS company was founded in 1996 by a group of localization specialists. Today the company provides services in translation, localization and linguistic consulting in Russian, Ukrainian, CIS, Baltic and European languages and is one of the leaders in multilingual localization.

Among our valued customers are many worldwide leaders. ILS’ success is based on quality, diligence, professionalism and contemporary management standards. Thanks to its stainless reputation and its many years' experience, in 2004 ILS started its cooperation with Microsoft company.

Microsoft corporation is a world leader in software production. Its most well-known products are office applications, operating systems and server applications.

It should be noted that, as a worldwide leader, Microsoft corporation has exacting requirements for the quality of its products, including their localized versions. For all the languages into which Microsoft products are translated there are specific style guides and glossaries for the translators, editors and proofreaders to comply with. All members of the localization team working on new Microsoft products should meet strict requirements: good knowledge of computer hardware, peripheral devices, network and server technologies, as well as current trends in information technology development.

In 2007 ILS set up a new department for localization of Microsoft products. The translation of most Microsoft products is a complicated process involving a lot of participants whose coordinated effort shapes the overall result. By the beginning of 2009 Microsoft Projects Department has grown considerably and now consists of high-class project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders and engineers working both as staff and on a freelance basis.

In 2008 the volume of translated materials grew extensively, new language combinations were added, new subject fields appeared: operating systems, office applications, software and articles for developers, marketing materials and legal documents, training courses, presentations, etc. Our experts process up to 1,000,000 words a month. Most of the translations are from English into Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Tatar languages. In the nearest future we are also planning to introduce new language combinations including translation into a large number of former-USSR languages.

High level expertise in project management, efficient communication with vendors, along with the quality assurance system allow ILS to excel in multilingual localization. We provide one of our most exacting customers with ready solutions within the specified time limit, with guaranteed quality and without additional risks.