In October, ILS specialists implemented an extremely urgent and complex project.

The objective was to make a voice recording to test a voice recognition application. It was necessary to make the recording using a special application on an Android OS mobile device, version 4.2 or above. The total recording time is 80 hours. Only one day was allocated to perform the work.

As a matter of urgency, 50 candidates were assigned to fulfill the task, of whom, the 20 best were selected. Technical support was organized for them. If for any reason one of 20 employees selected could not continue, he/she was promptly replaced by an employee from the original resource pool. Despite the fact that the last employee was approved early in the first hour of the night, he was able to finish the work on time and handed in the material within the deadline specified by the customer.

Thus, thanks to the highly efficient work of our specialists, the project was handed in precisely on time and in accordance with all the customer’s technical requirements.

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