IT is the domain with the largest translated volumes. Actually up to 75% of all our translation projects come from this industry. Respectively, we have developed the largest capacity in this area – on long-term projects we can scale up to 40K per day, which is 1M per month.

If you provide translation and localization services to the biggest industry leading IT corporations like Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, HP, we surely can help with both translation and validation. Our translators are familiar with the respective Style Guides, the products and related terminology. Some have a qualification of Microsoft Certified Professional.

IT is a fast changing industry. New technologies are introduced faster than one can imagine, and millions words need to get translated daily. Obviously human workforce is not always enough and the efforts to implement Machine translation in IT are becoming more frequent.


The answer to the question “Why MT post-edit instead of HT” is obvious: money savings, especially if premium quality is not the objective. Apart from cost reduction, the good reason for adding MT in the process is that most translations are standardized, there is established terminology and you can create many specific rules for your engine. That will increase the gain ratio.

If your client wants to use MT in their IT project we can surely help you with post-editing.

However, please note that for the Russian language MT output still hardly reaches 25% of valuable gain, i.e. where little or very little post-edit effort required. Without specific rules and glossaries, i. e. with statistics-based model alone, the valuable gain may drop below 15%. This experience-based estimates are factors that affect the price.