As a growing number of pharmaceutical products and pieces of equipment produced by foreign companies enter the Russian healthcare market and since more and more people have an opportunity to get their treatment abroad, medical translation is in great demand. All kinds of texts, documents, manuals, health certificates and medical records must be translated into Russian according to legislation.

Medical translation is a highly specialized domain where knowledge of the subject matter is of crucial importance. Every field of life science has its specific terminology and professional language. Biochemistry has very little in common with dentistry. That's why only professionals in the specific domain are able to produce a high-quality translation of a specialized text.

In ILS we entrust medical translation only to subject matter experts who have a degree in medicine on top of their foreign language skills. Over the years we have selected a professional and reliable team of life science translators and we are constantly recruiting new talents from Russia and CIS states. Our LS translations undergo the same T/E/P process which ensures premium quality.

Please note that the Russian language is not supported by MedDRA, and there are no local regulatory bodies in Russia that take care of terminology standardization, like MedDRA in EU. For industry terminology research we rely on the publications of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences as the only regulator in the industry.

Our team will help you with translation of any documentation related to with medicine, pharmaceutics, biology, and chemistry, including the following:

  • IFUs
  • Package Inserts
  • Manuals for medical equipment
  • Medical and pharmaceutical articles
  • Registration documents for pharma products
  • Clinical trials documentation
  • Certificates and other medical documents and texts