1. How much do interpretation and translation services cost?

The price of each job depends on the language pair, volume, scope of work (type of service) and the subject matter. For MLVs we offer a matrix of word-based and hour-based rates that ensure maximum pricing flexibility.

  1. What industries/domains does your company specialize in?

We provide translation and interpretation services in IT, Life Science, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Legal and Financial domains. The full list of our competencies follows:

Automotive, mechanics, machinery, and transportation
Business services, retail and commerce
Computing hardware
Computing software
Energy, water, and utilities
Environment, ecology, waste, hazard
Geosciences, geography, and astronomy
Government, public administration, non-profit, foundations; and other international organizations
Health care and Life science
Legal & Law
Media, advertising & marketing
Mining, minerals and metallurgy
Religion & Philosophy
Social sciences & Education
Textile, clothing & fashion
Travel, tourism, recreation, leisure, and arts

  1. How much will translation of my document cost?

To get more information about the cost of translation of a specific document, or a quote you need to fill out the form on this site. One of our project managers will contact you shortly to advise you on TAT, price and other information you might require.

  1. How long has your company been providing language services?

ILS was founded in 1996. During the 25+ years we have been established as one of the most consistent and valuable Russian vendors to major international MLVs.

  1. Do you notarize translated documents?

Yes. We provide notarization services.

  1. Does your company apostille the documents?

Yes. We provide apostille services.

  1. What languages pairs does your company support?

We provide translation between English (plus FIGS) and Russian (plus CIS) languages. The Russian team is one of the most experienced in Russia.

  1. How many full-time employees does ILS have?

ILS has 10 full-time employees and a pool of over 400 freelance translators. ILS production offices are located in Moscow, Kiev (Ukraine), and Astana (Kazakhstan).

  1. How can I define the standard turn-around time for a specific translation?

The industry-standard capacity is 2000 words per day per one translator. ILS team is scalable to accommodate 1M words per month. For a specific solution, please, contact our managers.

  1. What types of translation services does your company provide?

– technical translation;
– legal translation;
– medical translation;
– economic translation;
– software localization.

  1. How can I pay for the services provided by ILS?

We work only with B2B customers and accept bank transfers.

  1. Is there any discount system?

Yes, discounts are provided on case-by-case basis. And we can provide a discount matrix for big ongoing accounts.

  1. Does the price depend on the subject matter?

Yes, the price may vary depending on the type of content, subject matter, and it can also be affected by requested turn-around time.

  1. How do you ensure the quality of translations?

The quality of the provided translation services is ensured by a multistage quality control process. Translations are performed only by qualified translators who are experts in the given domain. Translations are checked by an editor and a proofreader. Compliance with any project-specific requirements is ensured by a PM.

  1. Do you apply rush-fees to urgent translations?

Rush fees apply when a big amount of work should be done during the week-end. Usually, we do not require extra payment during the weekdays. However, everything depends on the actual scope of work and the current capacity.

  1. Do you use computer-aided translation tools or do you use machine translation?

We use various CAT-tools, and we have experience nearly with all of them. We do not use machine translation, but we can help with post-editing if you use MT on your end.

  1. How do your employees improve and upgrade their skills?

ILS has a annual education program that includes CAT trainings for freelancers and advanced English classes for in-house employees.

  1. What are your top customers?

We provided B2B services to MLVs. We cannot disclose the customer names because we operate under a NDA.

  1. Do you use sworn translators?

Sworn translator is not a concept of Russian legislation. Instead we have notarization services. Please refer to KB article for details.